Welcome to the NCPL

The National Center for Preventive Law ("NCPL") is dedicated to preventing legal risks from becoming legal problems.  The NCPL was founded in 1986 and is housed at California Western School of Law, which is also home to the Louis M. Brown Program in Preventive Law ("Brown Program"). Both the NCPL and the Brown Program are made possible by the generous support of the Hermione and Louis Brown Foundation. 

Both programs are dedicated to carrying on the Preventive Law work founded by the late Louis M. Brown. The Brown Program focuses on legal education and produces multimedia materials for use by law students and attorneys. The NCPL acts as a clearinghouse for information and as a network for those interested in the theory of Preventive Law or how it applies to particular areas of practice or the courts.


---Want to find out more about Preventive Law in your particular area of practice or interest?  Click on Aspects of Practice, where national and international leaders in various areas of law have volunteered to receive inquiries from website visitors.

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---Do you have a success story about having given advice, or taken action, that prevented a legal problem from arising?  Click on Preventive Success Stories to share it or learn from others.

---Want to learn about how practicing preventively fits within a broader vision of lawyering and the legal system?  Click on the Multi-Dimensional Lawyer.

The NCPL partners on various activities with the Center for Creative Problem Solving at California Western School of Law.  The NCPL also joins in promoting Rule of Law activities in Latin America and elsewhere.  We also serve to call attention to specific preventive law efforts like the Colorado Contractor Law Project as described on our links page.

This Web site offers a general introduction to the work at California Western in Preventive Law Creative Problem Solving.  Together, Preventive Law and Creative Problem Solving envision a concept of the lawyer as Designer and Problem Solver, as well as Fighter.